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The mission of the BFA/Dance Program is to cultivate student’s creative, performance, and scholarly aptitude through exposure to diverse practical and philosophical approaches to dance studies. It will also develop and nurture their technical proficiency in various dance forms. 

The vision of the Alabama State University BFA/Dance Program is to produce high caliber, diverse, and technically proficient dance artists, who contribute to the field of dance on local, regional, national, and global stages. Our quest is to empower students to become productive scholars, creative artists, and work as collaborative individuals. Students will be enabled to confidently take their places in the world by understanding contextually the significance of the African diaspora on the world of dance.

 Our philosophy is student-centered, we use the disciplines of theatre and dance to develop and strengthen students, in order to impart knowledge, creativity, and individual character through instruction, co-curricular activity, and service outreach.

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